Cutting Taxes on Pensions Won’t Keep Retirees from Moving to Other States

March 4, 2015 by

The argument that people move between states because of taxes is wildly overblown in contemporary state policy debates. Research on this issue is fairly clear: tax flight just doesn’t show up in carefully controlled studies.

But that hasn’t stopped the LePage administration from continuing to argue that Maine must cut personal and corporate income taxes and estate taxes to encourage people to live here. When asked recently by members of … Read the rest

Maine’s community colleges blaze the trail to prosperity for aspiring Maine workers

March 3, 2015 by

MCCS logo

Today, the presidents of Maine’s three public higher education systems reported to the Legislature on the state of their campuses, enrollments, and finances. The Maine Community College System (MCCS) report has been similar for several years – enrollments are up, but funding is flat. Allocating more resources to MCCS would remove a logjam restraining thousands of willing and qualified students across the state who are waiting to gain employment skills … Read the rest

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