Federal legislation would protect payday lending industry at the expense of Maine consumers

March 9, 2016 by

Jody Harris blog 11-16-2015MECEP has joined hundreds of civil rights, consumer, labor, faith, veterans, seniors, and community organizations across the nation to strongly urge its Congressional Delegation to oppose H.R. 4018, the “Consumer Protection and Choice Act.”

Don’t let its title mislead you. This bill has nothing to do with protecting consumers.

This proposed legislation would upend a federal process underway to protect Mainers from abusive payday lenders. This bill will hurt … Read the rest

Distressed Community Index Highlights Administration’s Failure to Provide for Rural Mainers

March 8, 2016 by

James Myall websiteA recent study by the Economic Innovation Group (EIG) reveals that 52,000 Mainers live in distressed communities and demonstrates the extent of the LePage administration’s failed economic policies in the wake of the Great Recession.

For a project called The Distressed Communities Index, EIG identified the zip codes with the greatest levels of economic distress using a series of economic indicators. The indicators, which were measured in 2013, include: … Read the rest

Mary Mayhew’s misinformation campaign contradicts reality, experts on the front lines of Maine’s opioid epidemic

March 7, 2016 by

James Myall websiteWhen 31 states (plus the District of Columbia) have accepted federal funding to expand Medicaid, and two more states are in discussion to do so, the LePage Administration’s arguments for remaining in the shrinking minority of states stubbornly rejecting hundreds of millions of dollars in healthcare funding are wearing increasingly thin.

Without even waiting to see the content of the latest bill in the Maine legislature to propose expansion, … Read the rest

Eliminating Maine’s Estate Tax Will Harm Future Prosperity of All Mainers

March 2, 2016 by

Sarah Austin blog 11-16-2015Governor LePage submitted a bill to eliminate Maine’s estate tax yesterday. The estate tax helps fund education, health care, and infrastructure that keeps our economy strong and competitive and provides a pathway to prosperity for all Mainers regardless of the circumstances of their birth. Eliminating the state tax would jeopardize funding for these pillars of our economy and further divide the wealthiest Mainers from the rest of us.

Low- and … Read the rest