A Quick Take: Democrats’ Opportunity Agenda Invests in Maine Families, Kids, Communities

April 7, 2017 by

Megan Michaud blog 11-16-2015Yesterday, House and Senate Democrats rolled out a budget proposal that delivers where Governor LePage’s budget failed. We’ll be diving into the details in the coming days but our first take is that it gets to work solving the problems Maine people have been asking their elected officials to fix so that we can have a strong economy and thriving communities.

The Democratic Opportunity Agenda rejects the governor’s request for … Read the rest

Congress must stop taxing workers without children into poverty

April 26, 2016 by

Megan Michaud blog 11-16-2015Workers without children – including non-custodial parents (who do not have custody of their children for the purposes of their tax filing) – are the only taxpayers that the federal tax code pushes into or deeper into poverty. Lawmakers in both parties agree the problem needs a fix and even agree on how to do it. Republicans and Democrats have similar proposals to fix the existing gap in the Earned … Read the rest