Workforce bill helps adult learners, but does not go far enough

May 23, 2013 by

Nearly one in four Maine adults have started college, but never earned their degree. According to the Working Poor Families Project, Maine has one of the highest rates in New England of adults with incomplete credentials. By not obtaining a degree or certificate, these adults significantly reduce their earning potential over a lifetime.

Perennially, Maine students drop out of university or college, not to return. For example, only 58% Read the rest

Higher Education Equals Better-Paying Jobs

March 25, 2013 by

We all know it. The surest path out of poverty is a good job with benefits. But to get one of these good-paying jobs, Mainers need more education and training. To give low-income workers the skills they need, Maine must expand access to higher education.

The data are clear. States with lower levels of education have higher rates of unemployment and poverty. Yet Maine continues to fall behind many … Read the rest

Don’t blame the schools

February 11, 2013 by

Every time the governor talks about them, he says our public schools are failing.

He bases this on test scores and student performance. He cites Maine students’ low proficiency scores. And then he blames the public school system, school administrators, and school unions.

Test scores may be going down, but let’s look at what’s going up.

The number of students in poverty is growing.

According to the US Census Bureau, … Read the rest

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